95th Board Meeting held on 27th and 28th March 2014

Review of the Presidential Charter Application
The Board has reviewed the stated number of faculties and the corresponding number of departments required to qualify a private institution to apply for a Presidential Charter (i.e. Five (5) faculties each with at least five (5) departments) following concerns expressed by some private institutions. The Board decided that whether an institution is a University, University College, a School or a Faculty, all that the institution needed to apply for a Charter was to have at least three (3) faculties with three (3) departments each for Humanities based programmes and at least two (2) faculties with two (2) departments each for science based programmes.

The Board also decided that for an institution to be qualified to become a University, it would among others check the institution’s staff strength and the running of a universality of courses, be it in the arts or sciences.

Mandatory Courses- Percentage that constitutes total credit hours for graduation from a programme
The Board has directed that the minimum credit hours for graduating from a degree programme were between 120 credit hours and a maximum 144 hours. The Board had observed over the years that a number of institutions did not allocate enough or the requisite course credit to the core, elective and mandatory courses but overload the mandatory courses to the disadvantage of the courses that make up the programme.

Minimum qualification for teaching at the tertiary level
The Board has decided that the minimum qualification required for teaching at the degree and tertiary level in general is a Researched Master’s degree. The Board is of the view that considering the inadequacy of PhD holders in the country it would be too high a demand to set PhD as the minimum standard for teaching at the degree level for now. Admission of unqualified students
The Board has decided that any institution that admits unqualified students would be made to cease admission in the ensuing year, until they have rectified the anomaly. The Board has directed that mentoring institutions should be involved and supervise the admission process of their affiliate institutions.