Establishment of a tertiary institution
1. Establishment of a tertiary institution
2. Application
3. Applicants
4. Assessment of application by the Board
5. Inspection of premises and evaluation
6. Authorization
7. Refusal, suspension or revocation of authorization


8. Accreditation
9. Appointment of accreditation panel
10. Consideration by the Board of report of an accreditation panel
11. Grant of accreditation
12. Renewal or suspension of accreditation
13. Proof of affiliation for award of certificates
14. Certificate of accreditation and variation or revocation of certificate

Rights and obligations of accreditation institutions
15. Obligation to maintain standards and comply with laws
16. Evaluation of performance and supervision
17. Rights of an accredited institution
18. Rights and obligations of a mentoring institution
19. President’s Charter and award of degrees
20. Application for a charter

Foreign Registration
21. Foreign registration
22. Assessment of an application by the Board
23. Inspection of premises, evaluation and grant of registration
24. Refusal of application and suspension or revocation of registration

Miscellaneous Provisions
25. Institutional standards
26. Application of Regulations to both public and private institutions
27. Offences
28. Appeals
29. Publication
30. Interpretation

IN exercise of the power conferred on the Minister responsible for Education by Section 25 of the National Accreditation Board Act, 2007 (Act 744) and on the recommendations of the Board, these Regulations are made this 17th day of September, 2010.