National Accreditation Board

National Accreditation Board

The Government white paper on the Reforms to the Tertiary Education System that was published in 1991 made several proposals for the restructuring and reorganization of Tertiary Education and Tertiary Educational Institutions. The proposals included, among others, the establishment of a Board of Accreditation to contribute to the “furtherance of better management of tertiary education” as the Quality Assurance body at the tertiary education level.

Ghana has earned much international acclaim for its quality education. The birth of the National Accreditation Board as a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Education therefore is to ensure that the country’s tertiary education system continues to be responsive to a fast changing world and to make its graduates progressively competitive in the world of work.

The Board has over these few years dedicated itself to facilitating the establishment of both public and private tertiary institutions and ensuring that standards are set and maintained. Today, the Board has accredited several institutions that are offering a variety of quality academic programmes for the benefit of students in Ghana.

Tertiary education is emerging as an international commodity and Ghana needs to keep abreast with world trends. As a Quality Assurance body therefore, the Board engages in international collaboration and information exchange that have informed its operations.



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